Gay Follados My Uncle Works Hard – Tio Breno x Taylor Gabriel
Gay Follados

My Uncle Works Hard – Tio Breno x Taylor Gabriel

Uncle Breno, knowing that his nephew Taylor Gabriel needed a job, offered him a job at his company. However, due to a delay in the delivery of a super important document, it ended up causing serious damage to the company. Uncle Breno calls his nephew to clarify, saying that he shouldn’t have hired him, because hiring family members doesn’t work.

Uncle Breno raises his voice in the office with the nephew who gets scared and apologizes to his uncle for what happened and promises that it won’t happen again, because he really needs this job. Uncle Breno tries to understand his nephew’s side and explains that he is very stressed due to what happened at the company, but also because of the issue of his wife’s pregnancy protection moment that there is no way to make him relax. Taylor understands his uncle’s stress and proposes a suggestion for him to relax.

Uncle Breno thinks it’s weird at first, but with Taylor’s insistence, he ends up letting his nephew do the job and puts out his delicious dick to his nasty nephew suck it a lot. Uncle Breno unloads all his fury in a breathtaking fuck, smacking the nasty’s ass so good, which can withstand the strong blows of Uncle’s delicious cock. After a full cumshot in his face, Taylor ends up securing his job and also gives that strength to his uncle to calm down.

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