Gay Follados Irmãos Dotados – Sex Possession – Felipe x Lucas
Gay Follados

Irmãos Dotados – Sex Possession – Felipe x Lucas

Go mess with those who are quiet! Lucas goes with his friend Felipe to his grandmother’s house. As she was away, Lucas decided to rummage around in some weird rooms in the house. The house was actually quite sinister. In an abandoned room they find a Ouija board, also known as the glass game. After that, they immediately tried to find a place to start the game and even though they remembered that it was Halloween, they continued with the idea.

To their surprise, the glass walks across the board by itself. Lucas decides to stop playing, but Felipe reminds him that the game cannot be stopped. When asked a new question, Felipe is taken by a supernatural force, a naughty possession that makes him take off his clothes and force Lucas to suck his dick that was already coming out of his underwear hard.

Lucas tries to run away from the place, but he is threatened and after sucking, licking the ass and kissing, Felipe shoves the cock up to the nasty. At this moment Felipe comes to his senses, he doesn’t understand anything about what was happening, but now he can’t stop and he keeps fucking Lucas’ juicy ass hard in every position. Lucas, in a mixture of pleasure and fear, does everything Filipe tells him, until he puts him on his knees and squirts hot milk in his face.

When asked if the game wanted anything else, the rain passes, the thunder stops and the window slams, as if something had come out of it.


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